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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Relationship Marketing
Hi Edie, I have been an office manager for 5 years now, our numbers are down. Do you have any ideas on regenerating our patient count?

Thanks for your question.  You are in luck.  I have a internal marketing manual that will give you ideas concerning relationship building using your existing patient mailing list.  I will not be back to my office until Monday moring.  I am at the New Beginnings seminar in Pennsylvania, what a great group of people.  I will email it to you then.  Have a great weekend.  This is my gift to you and to your patients.  They need chiropractic care. 
2:51 pm est 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HIPAA Privacy Acknowledgement
Edie, Do patients have to sign a new HIPAA Privacy Acknowledgement each year?  Mary Ann

No, Mary Ann, patients do not have to sign a HIPAA Privacy Acknowledgement each year.  Have a great 2009!

10:14 am est 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HIPAA Privacy

I got your email about HIPAA Privacy.  Can you tell me exactly what the law says about training staff?  Dr. Sam, Michigan

Yes, you must train your staff as part of the initial employment orientation. Then they must be trained yearly.  There is nothing that says exactly how that is to be accomplished.  In the manual you will see that I have included in Q and A section that can be used as a study guide, test and test key.  Also a certificate of completetion.  You, the doctor gets to decide how it is administered.  But if you use the my manual to train your staff, test them, then give them a certificate with a copy on their employment file, that will work as great documentation of your compliance.  That documents without question that each one of your staff is trained on HIPAA Privacy.

3:03 pm est 

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