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Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Edie, I would like to write more effective personal injury reports using the colossus format. Where do I begin? Thanks, Dr. James

I am sorry this has taken me so long to respond to.  It got lost in my “notifications”.  Actually I know Colossus very well.  I am working on my own CE course and manual concerning Colossus as we speak.   I am really surprised that you asked right now.  Should be available right after the first of the year.  I will let you know.

Colossus is all about the initial and subsequent documentation that is in the patient file and writing a good report.  It does not have to be difficult just documented.  Now, the adjusters just put the information into the computer by marking each point of value in the report and the settlement amount is automatically generated.  You are smart to do this if you are going to take on PI cases.  There is software that you can purchase to write the reports is available if that better suits your needs but it is costly.  The manual I am working on is going to make it all very simple.  It really is about having the right information in the right place. 

5:31 pm est 

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