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Monday, November 17, 2008

HIPAA Privacy Manual
Edie:  HIPAA....this is not a question.  It is a statement.  I have been in several offices lately that have completely forgotten their HIPAA privacy regulations for protecting patient health information.  This is a must, a law, and you will have to get this done, continually, test your staff upon hiring and then yearly subsequent testings.  Go to the link and download the HIPAA Privacy Checklist here on this site.  I have a HIPAA manual also if you would like to purchase it that is completely customized for your office.  Call me at 313-330-0199 or email me at edie@iccom.org   TODAY!!!
11:25 am est 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Office Policy and Procedure Manual

It was great talking to you on the phone last night.  I really need to get an office manual for my office.  The problem is that when I order one, it is not my manual.  It is one that someone else has put together and the edits are long and extensive.  Making sure each piece fits together with what I do.  What do you suggest.  Dr. Catherine.....

What I said to you last night still goes.  You either have to produce your own from scratch, which is sometimes not easy if you have never had one.  Or, I can help.  What I do is ask you questions, you answer them, then together we write one for you from a basic format with the option for you to make any changes you need.  It is also less expensive then writing your own, just because of the man hours that would have to be put into you own custom manual. 

Call me this week and we will get started....313.330.0199

11:21 am est 

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