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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Starting Upfront Over the Counter Collections
If you previously HAVEN'T collected up front from patients for visits, how do you START w/out negative feelings? Would a bulk newsletter or personal letter to all patients be efficient rather than a new "notification" when they arrive at the office unprepared?

First of all, it has to be done very carefully and with great empathy for the patient's feelings.  Usually I would start by saying, "Tom, we have decided that in order to keep you from waiting after your visit to pay, we can do it when you first come in the door while you are waiting to see the doctor.  Cuts down on the time you have to spend in the office."  Always make it about the patient's needs.  I would handle it personally, but give the patient some time to adjust to a new policy.  You may lose some patients, but not usually.  Make sure each patient is told in advance and not expected to pay the first time they get to the office.  Those are not good surprises.  Mark on their travel card in some way that they have been told. 

You have taken great care in building a relationship with each patient.  Treat them with care.

2:25 pm edt 

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